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What We Do

Levy & Gordo strive to council people who WANT to create change in their life through self awareness. “You can live life without stress and worry by being passionate towards your niche and consistently working to achieve your goals.”

Who Is Levy?

Levy is a social media influencer, a public speaker and a key opinion leader. But most importantly, he is the founder of the “Stop Freakin’!” movement. Levy wants to help you succeed and get your life back on track through daily motivation and soul-setting.

“Self awareness is so critical in understanding the difference between success and failure.” – Levy

Who Is Gordo?

Levy himself is joined by his mostly anonymous, silhouette’d business partner “Gordo”, to help motivate you in achieving your goals and aspirations. Gordo may not have a clear identity, but he will help you shape your own identity and carve a path to your own success.

“Life isn’t hard. It’s the choices that you make and the wrong decisions that you act upon that make life hard.” – Gordo


"Dear sir, I'm writing this from the bottom of my heart. You changed my life with your kind words. Now my life is brighter than the sun. My productivity got increased. I'm now like a child, having no worries about anything. My quality of life is now increased. I'm so happy now after so many years. I've got inner strength. I've got the ability to solve problems effectively. I've got positive energy. Now, I'm free from worrying, tension and depression. They have all disappeared from me."
Nandha Gopal N.
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